Behind the Scenes



When having to analyze a piece of work it is easy to quickly judge what you think the meaning is. It seems easy to pick out the mistakes or trivial things that others have done but when analyzing yourself it’s a bit more scary. I wouldn’t say that I know how to write, actually far from that. I have a long way to go before I become the successful writer that I would like to be but I would say that over the course of creating this blog I have developed in some ways. I would like to say that through my writings I have successfully managed to use all of Aristotle’s Artistic Appeals in one way or another. I have used logic when I needed backbone to my analysis. I used ethos when I wanted to give credibility to a writer or creator. I also used pathos when I wanted to reach out to the audiences’ emotions.

By using these tools I have been able to make statements that are logical, thought provoking, and yet sensitive. Each analytical post that I have had to do for this class has not only taught me how to become better at analyzing a variety of things but has also taught me the importance of detail. When writing you are not only writing for others but writing so that you can better understand what you believe. By having to put my analytical essays on a blog it has forced me to be aware of who my audience is and what I am trying to share with them. I hope that through continued writing and exploration of written work I will be able to continue sharing with my fellow writers and bloggers.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to have some feedback from you!


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