Meet the Author

Creating has also been something that I’ve enjoyed. Whether it be creating art or baking or making up stories. Since I was little I was encouraged to use my imagination and talents. I remember in elementary school when they had us do creative writing and I would make up exciting adventures about far away places and heroes. Once I reached high school however I didn’t enjoy writing as much. My teachers didn’t help me develop my writing skills. Because I never learned I started to dislike the idea of writing a lot. I preferred to read someone else’s ideas then try and create my own.

Creating a writing blog was the last thing on my mind but here I am! The ironic thing is that I have already learned some about blogging due to the fact that I am in charge of two blogs at my work. However I still have a lot to learn about the true art of blogging. With this blog I hope that others will be able to grow with me as I develop my writing abilities.

There are a few things you should know about me. My all time favorite author is Terri L. Fivash. I also enjoy Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. I enjoy sleeping under the warm sun at the beach and being curled up with a hot drink on rainy days.

I hope that with this blog will not only encourage others to expand their ideas but that I can use it to connect with you and learn from you as well.